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Our mission at EBSC is to help employers manage their employee benefit program. Our work can be divided into two parts. First, we research alternatives and present information in an easy to understand format so management can make the best possible decisions for the program. Second we help your employees understand their benefit plans and help them when problems may occur.

Healthcare Reform Now that all of the debating and voting is done, our goal is to help our clients navigate the changes required by the new legislation. Some of the changes are soon while others are years away. We will help our clients plan for the necessary transitions and hopefully minimize any problems that may occur.

Individual Health Insurance Policies There is a lot of information in both the national and local news about significant increases in health insurance premiums for individual policies. What can you do?

Required CHIPRA Notice (PDF) If you are eligible for health coverage from your employer, but are unable to afford the premiums, New Mexico has a premium assistance programs that can help pay for coverage. Funds from Medicaid or CHIP programs are used to help people who are eligible for employer-sponsored health coverage, but need assistance in paying their health premiums.


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